Breakthrough technology offering non-invasive, cutting-edge, results-driven treatments to dramatically enhance the appearance of skin concerns

Why Use TriaWave:

• Delivers the most advanced, individualized treatments tailored to your specific concerns about signs of aging
• Facilitates optimal effectiveness of topically applied skin care formulations with no discomfort
• Procedures provide 3 synergistic treatment modalities to reduce the look of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin color, sagging skin and dehydration
• Helps to create the appearance and feel of a healthy, lifted, contoured, youthful-looking, plumper face
• Customized to cater to your specific needs with a variety of restorative or maintenance options
• Provides both immediate gratification and long term benefits for visible signs of aging and photo-damage

Success Stories

The introduction of the TriaWave has allowed us to give faster results than ever before! Clients are excited to see how plump and toned their skin appears, often times after only one treatment. In conjunction with an Environ home care regime, multiple treatments within several weeks has proven to drastically improve the appearance of fine lines, texture & tone of the skin. Clients are amazed at how much more youthful their skin looks & feels in such a short period of time."

Marika Thompson, Esthetician, Marika Alisha Skin Care, Portland, ME

I would have to say that since introducing the TriaWave to
my clients, those who have experienced a treatment with it
want nothing else. They actually see how wonderful their skin looks afterwards! Immediate gratification for them and me! The TriaWave is highly effective in enhancing product efficacy with no down time. It is a ‘next level’ device for any skin care professional."

Linda Montiverdi, Esthetician, Simply Skin Care, Millbury, MA